Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Antenna ideas

An interesting discussion going on this evening on GB3WH about various antenna experiments. Jon, 2E0DBD and his friends over at Team Thunderbox had built a 40m quad over the weekend and had some fun with it. Take a look here

Photo courtesy of Team Thunderbox

Some years ago, we had a full size 40m quad over at GW8GT. It was a magical antenna, but trying to keep it in the air at the top of a Welsh mountain was something in the region of a full time job. But as we were reminiscing the other day, it did allow you to work JAs on 40m through out the day.

And there was talk of kite antennas, something I've always fancied a go at but never quite got around to doing. Something for the summer,perhaps?

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Phil said...

Tim, If you get interested in kite aerials have a look at WRAA web site from Worcester Roger has produced some excellent ones also with helium. Phil G0BVD


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