Monday, March 03, 2008

29MHz FM mobile

A few weeks ago, I blogged that I had a 10m FM mobile contact with Paul, 2E0BHA over in Carterton. Signals weren't great and Paul didn't seem to be hearing me that well, so I wasn't too sure whether all was well with my mobile installation on 10 FM.

This weekend we had the pleasure of Justin, G4TSH staying with us. I had Justin man the FT1000 whilst I drove over to the next village, so that we could see how the mobile coverage worked out.

I needn't have worried - signals seemed good. Justin did report some rapid fading on my signal at one stage. I suspect that was aircraft multipath with signals being reflected from an aircraft flying in or out of RAF Brize Norton. Or it could just have been flutter caused by trees and buildings.

Anyway, I'm confident that 10m FM is working well from the car - so hopefully I'll be notching up some more QSOs on the band from the car during the Es season.


2E0BHA said...

Hi Tim
I think it was more to do with my set at home!!!

Hopefully catch you soon, been up and down the country like a yoyo.

Tim said...

Probably wasn't your setup either, Paul.

Thinking about it, Carterton is 'over the hill' from where I was, so you were probably in the shadow of the Longworth/Hinton ridge. We'll try again and hopefully do a bit better.

Good to hear from you, hope to chat soon!



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