Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Satellite Mobile!

Inspired by Richard, 9W2CBL's blog and his comments about AO-51, I thought I'd see if I could possibly hear and maybe even work through the AO-51 satellite from the car.

On the train this evening, I googled the AO-51 up and downlink frequencies and appropriate details and when I got to the car I programmed up a couple of memories in the FT8900.

So, I'm all set! All I need to do now is to keep listening and hopefully, one of my journeys will coincide with a pass of AO-51. I shall take a look at the prediction software and see if there are any likely passes of the satellite.

You can see where AO-51 is here

Tomorrow evening at around 1840z looks a good pass here - if the train is on time! You can find predictions for your location here


9W2CBL said...


Thanks for linking up my blog in this subject!

Give a try! I have tried using my mobile antenna SG7700 with FT-8900 and I can only hear about S3 ~ S4 and the satellite pass over my head. If divert off more about 30° to east or west I find it difficult to access.

Arrow Yagi antenna is the one I wanted to get it! But too bad they don't support asia delivery!

Enjoy it!

73 de 9W2CBL!

WH7DA said...

Good links in your post. I am hoping to tx/rx AO-51 (I guess it's also called P-Echo?), but I'm only using a dual band J-pole.

I may build a directional antenna as my next project. Anyway, good luck and 73's!


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