Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quiet morning on VHF - but 80m saves the day!

This morning, I popped up to Oxford to get some ink cartridges for the printer, which had run out (as usual, when there was something urgent to print). Now, I have the FT8900 in the car, it's very easy to cover several bands and repeaters. Disappointingly, considering that it was 10.45am on a Sunday morning, there were no contacts to be had on:

GB3FX (50Mhz) - Farnham
GB3WH (145MHz) - Swindon
GB3DI (433MHz) - Didcot
GB3WO (433MHz) - Witney

Ah well, maybe next time. In fairness, GB3WH is pretty active, but the other repeaters seem very sparsely used. There are certain 433MHz boxes in this area that I don't think I've ever heard a QSO on. Perhaps I listen at the wrong times. (Subtext - if you can hear these repeaters - USE them!. Or operate simplex. But don't just sit there.)

Had a quick listen on 80 CW this evening. Conditions didn't seem that great, but I was pleased to work Ben, CT3AS. A few weak and watery JAs coming through (just) at their sunrise but that was about it. Earlier in the week, I think it was Wednesday, there was a reasonable amount of DX around on 80 CW. I heard a VK6 coming through at good strength - he was working someone else as well as some stronger JAs. Closer to home, but not that common, particularly on 80, was ZB2FK who I was pleased to work, especially as I've operated from there in the late 1980s.

(Picture shows one of our local pubs, by the river, taken yesterday. The river doesn't normally come into the garden)

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