Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laci, W1PL - Silent Key

I was sorry to hear that Laci, W1PL died this week. He was 96 years old. I'd had the pleasure of meeting him at some of the FOC club events in the USA a few years ago. A real gent and a wonderful character.

Joe, K2VUI wrote a lovely appreciation of Laci's life on the FOC reflector. I particularly enjoyed the following paragraph:

"Several years ago, hoping to solve some of his antenna problems, Laci ordered a SteppIR yagi. He was a little disconcerted when they told him that the antennas were on backlog and that he would have to go on a long waiting list. He told them (and this was confirmed to me by the people at SteppIR) that he was 91 years old so he hoped the waiting list wouldn't be too long. That took them aback and they told him that they were instituting a new rule then and there: Anyone 90 years or older would go to the top of the wait list. Sure enough, a few weeks later his new SteppIR arrived; I don't know who put it up for him, but it did work and he was once again back on the air, as active as his hearing and eyesight and propagation would permit.

Laci was a true gentleman in an era when there are very few true gentlemen still around."

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