Sunday, January 13, 2008


I enjoyed a bash on 80 metres CW this afternoon in the Affiliated Societies Contest. The vertical isn't usually terribly good for inter-G contacts, something with higher angle radiation is normally better. But actually, it seemed to work quite well today.

I stuck to search and pounce, but managed to keep up a good rate of 50/60 an hour for the first hour. After the first hour, I needed a break - boredom set in. Alleviated that by making Julie a cup of tea, feeding the chickens and then came back to the radio.

Conditions had changed a little and the people who were weaker in the first hour had got stronger, so I was able to work some more. Got to 100 and decided that was enough!

But good fun - lots of nice contacts with old friends. Biggest signals were Ray (G4FON) in Oxford and John (G3VKW) who's just over the A420 in Charney Bassett. A big surprise was working Allan (GM4ZUK) who I've not worked on 80 for many a year!

I always think that AFS is a nice way of saying Happy New Year to the 'usual suspects'.

There's the SSB event next Saturday - not sure if I'll be on for that - 100 contacts on SSB would be a very major challenge from here!

(Photo taken on my walk to Hinton yesterday - a nice view of Longworth church and the manor pond)

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