Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Don't forget....

It's always good to hear that radio amateurs come and read about activities at G4VXE on this site. Perhaps, you might well be interested to read about our attempts at a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Pop on over to the Fiddlesticks website where you can read about some of the things we try to do. It's something that's really important to us both and we hope it is to you too.

When you do, don't forget to add yourself to the Fiddlesticks Interactive map!

Scilly surprise

On Sunday morning, I was beavering away at the contest column for Radcom when my phone buzzed with a text. It was Justin, G4TSH who was down in the Scillies for the IOTA contest. I'd mentioned to Justin before I went that it would be nice to try on 2m with him if there was time as I hadn't worked IN69 on 2m from Longworth.

I quickly swung the beam around to the southwest and was surprised to hear GB3MCB coming in at reasonable strength - so whizzed down to Justin's frequency and to my surprise he was easy copy at 539 on CW. I was delighted - it's not the easiest of paths with Faringdon Folly being in the way at just a few miles from me.

Thanks, Justin! I'm only sorry I wasn't able to return the favour by working M8C on HF in the contest. I did try, but 40m skip was rather longer than we needed.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

40Mhz (yes, forty) from Denmark

Courtesy of eham.net news...

"On July 18, Denmark's regulator issued a permit for the beacon OZ7IGY to operate on 40.021 MHz. The beacon will be subject to the following conditions: Non inteference Max. 25 Watt to an omnidirectional antenna max. 0 dBd, max. 10 metres above ground (100m asl). The permit is valid for a year and the results of the experiment are to be reported to the ITST. OZ7IGY currently operates on 50.021 and 70.021 MHz and a number of other frequencies see http://www.oz7igy.dk/"

Sounds well worth a listen.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Knights of Malta

I had my customary tune around 50MHz when I was in the car park at Didcot this evening and found Adrian, EA5/G0KOM talking to Bryn, G4DEZ. I listened to them until they finished the QSO and then tuned around. I found a fierce pileup going on and discovered it was 1A0KM working all over Europe.

1A0KM is the Knights of Malta station located in Rome. I confess I can't remember now why it counts for a separate DXCC country. But if Scarborough Reef can, then I'm b******d then why it can't!

Signals weren't great but in the end my bellowing got through! Although I'd worked 1A0KM on six some years ago - it's certainly the first time I've worked it QRP mobile!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Italy grants experimental access to 70MHz

Exciting news for 70MHz enthusiasts, via eham.net is that Italy has granted experimental access to 70MHz. I heard an Italian beacon testing, some years ago, I think we're going to find that the path opens quite often.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Remember to work GB7HQ this weekend

It's the IARU HF contest this weekend, and as for the last few years, a team representing the RSGB will be on the air as GB7HQ. They'll be active on 160-10m on both CW and SSB. See how many band slots you can work them on.

Details of the station at the GB7HQ site

I've created a map of the GB7HQ station locations too.

Don't forget to work some other stations in the contest too!

Friday, July 06, 2007

VHF Field Day - this weekend

Don't forget it's VHF Field Day this weekend. Judging by the reports of UK groups finding their sites under feet of water, following our recent wet spell, maybe we should rename it VHF Swamp Day?

If you're out and about this weekend, good luck and I shall be looking out for you.

A good day on 50MHz

It's been pretty quiet for the last few days on six, at least when I've turned the rig on in the car park at Didcot to drive home. I've been slightly under the weather for the least couple of days, so I've been at home.

Today, when I checked the band around 0800 local, there was an I5 beacon coming in. Checked the band around midday - but nothing. This evening though, there was a great opening to many parts of Southern Europe. I worked a number of HA stations, S5 and 9A. Steph, F4EZJ down in JN05 was interesting and made me think the skip was shortening. I made a hurried check of 2m, just in case the opening was getting up there, but no luck so far. Another highlight was working Pierre, HB0/HB9QQ who was a great signal.

I'm just listening to a pileup of Southern Europeans on 50.110. Guess they are working into the Carribean or South America. Don, G3XTT reported working J8/W6JKV last night - so there's some good stuff about.


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