Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's funny - the contacts that surprise you

It occurs to me that I've just entered my 25th year of being G4VXE - a scary thought. After all that time, radio still comes up with surprises on a pretty regular basis.

This morning I worked Tim, G0WBR/P on 2m SSB - he was operating from St Boniface Down, Isle of Wight. We had a nice QSO and he scooted off to try and work some more people. Having little luck on SSB, I heard him say that he'd QSY to 145.500 FM, so I thought I'd go up there and listen for him. Sure enough he was S7 or so! We had a quick QSO before he went off to work one of the locals. Though it's a good path, I was pretty impressed to make that QSO on FM.

Perhaps I shall monitor S20 (145.5) more often when I'm out mobile.

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g0wbr said...

Hi Tim
I thought I recognised the callsign so I googled your call and found your blog, so thought I'd leave a few coments. I really appreciated your call and eventually I had more than enough contacts to qualify the activation so I'm off the mark now.

I was also impressed with the signals on the path this morning particularly FM especially when I was using horizontal polarization on my little 3 ele beam. Also signal strengths from more local stations were down on yours so interesting propogation path.

I was interested in your comment that your station was solar powered and was pleased to find more info on your website, very interesting.

Many thanks once again.
Cheers - Tim - G0WBR


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