Saturday, October 20, 2007

Low solar battery voltage on the VHF station

I noticed last night that I only seemed to be getting about 35w output on 432MHz SSB, rather than the full 50w. This morning I put the meter on the battery powering the VHF station and found it was down to 11.67v - rather low.

Initially, I thought the panel supplying the battery had developed a fault, but that turned out to be a metering issue. I've swapped the pair of batteries out and replaced them with the set I use occasionally for HF operation which is supplying about 12.45v at the moment.

Today, I've been trying to charge the set up again and have succeeded in getting about another .1v into them. I suspect I'm going to have to invest in a Lead Acid battery charger and every now and again give them a full recycle.

Picture was snapped the other morning following one of our discussions about digital cameras - this taken on the Nokia N95.

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