Sunday, October 07, 2007

And life on HF as well!

The RSGB's 21/28MHz contest took place today. In low sunspot years, this isn't a particularly captivating contest, but I thought I'd pop on and make a few QSOs to support those who were having a serious go, and hand out the OX multiplier a bit.

A few stations were coming through on 15m, ZC4LI being the pick of the bunch, but a good number of Ukranians were coming in with UA6 being the furthest east heard. To my surprise, I made one QSO on 10m, 9A3VM, so there was some marginal Es around. A few minutes later, DR0X built to a huge signal on 15m, and I thought there might be a bit more Es on 10m, but no luck. The only other station heard on 10m was the Newbury Club, down the road, operating as G5XV/P.

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