Tuesday, September 11, 2007

VHF/UHF Station now on solar power

Paul, 2E0BHA very kindly supplied a couple more batteries, so this evening, I've installed a solar panel and the FT847 for 50/144 and 432MHz is now solar powered. Power output on 2m seems to be unaffected. We'll see how well the battery keeps charged. The shack window faces south-east, so not the perfect heading for the panel, but it should do!


F5NZY said...

Hello Old Chap,

Our chat are missing me...

Much interested to read about your solar powered experimentation.

Could you give more informations about solar panels and batteries you're using?

Any commercial link to purchase it?

161 to you, Julie, kids & cats de Steph, F5NZY

Tim said...

Hi Steph,

Great to hear from you.

The solar panels are actually only solar trickle chargers - nothing big!


The batteries are reconditioned from a fire alarm system. Each battery is 24Ah - and I'm charging them in pairs - so it gives a total of 48Ah for each system.

It's only a baby solar system, but I'm surprised and delighted with how well it's working!

Yes, it will be great to see you on the air sometime soon.

73, Tim


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