Sunday, September 02, 2007

3B7C team en-route

I had a quick chat with Justin, G4TSH this morning. Justin was waiting for the taxi to Heathrow - the first stage in the journey to St Brandon. Eight team members are flying from London to Mauritius this evening, arriving tomorrow morning, to meet other team members on different flights and others who are already there.

The team will be taken by taxi from the airport to the port, where the boat will leave tomorrow evening for the 24 hour voyage to St Brandon. I asked Justin if they'd be operating maritime mobile on the voyage, but he thought not!

After the team arrive, around 1100z on the 4th September, there is a great deal of work to be done, before the stations will hit the bands, hopefully around 2000z on the 7th September. There's a real buzz to get everything going, but you've just come several thousand miles by air and sea and there's a lot of heavy stuff to carry, and the temperature's a lot warmer than the UK! So it can be really tiring.

Conditions are going to make the expedition a challenge, but we can be sure that whatever, the team are well equipped, in all senses, to make the very best of the propagation that's available.

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