Friday, June 29, 2007

MGmaps - something to try?

Having created the repeater and beacon maps earlier in the week, I was playing with a nice little mapping application on my phone this morning. If you've not tried MGMAPS I really recommend it. You've full access to the Google (and Yahoo, MS and Ask) maps, including photographic imagery. It's free, by the way.

But my point really, was that I'd not previously tried loading up a KML file in it before. To my surprise it worked, with a slight limitation. I found I was able to load up the repeater file and view it on my phone.

The limitation? Only the first 25 records of the KML were displayed. Could get around that, I guess, by splitting it up. Oh, and the descriptions were a bit odd as the phone browser didn't seem to be able to interpret the KML CDATA tags correctly. Minor matter really!

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