Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's the first week of June...

...and anecdotally, it's always a great week for Sporadic E.

Yesterday evening, driving home I was listening to some Es on 50MHz. Jo, CT1HZE was really booming in. I heard him stop the pileup saying that he was going to 144MHz as there were Es there.

Later on in the evening, I spoke to Dave, M0XUK, a few miles away from me in Highworth and he mentioned that he'd worked Jo on 144MHz. Great going!

Judging by the Band II spots too, there was an opening between the southern UK and Portugal.

Actually, 144MHz tropo was good last night too. F5XAM was around 20db over normal and stations from the southeastern UK were loud in the 144MHz activity contest.

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