Monday, May 28, 2007

Sporadic E calculators

I was talking to Richard, G4MUF this morning about some of the programs and sites that I have used to work out what the MUF will be for Sporadic E and the direction that the opening may take.

This is an extract from a mail that I sent to Richard - perhaps others may find it of interest too. If you have anything later or greater - please let me know!

"Dave, G7RAU has done some really excellent work on this. Last time I used his app, it was a downloadable application to run on the PC, but I see he's built it into a webpage now. You can see it at - you'll have to create a login to use the site, but it takes seconds and it looks excellent.
There are some interesting bits of software on his software page - the manual MUF calculator is worth playing with too.

An older bit of software, one that I used in North America when I lived in Canada was SE-PROP - I think the maps are probably more focussed on North America, but you might like to play!"

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