Sunday, January 28, 2007

Summits on the Air

The Summits on the Air program was launched some years back now. My friend, John, G3WGV was one of the instigators of the programme, so I worked him on some of his early activations. That was a while ago and life's changed since then and I haven't really followed SOTA's fortunes so closely.

Another friend, Richard, G4ERP has been activating SOTA summits on 2m SSB recently so I've been making a point of trying to work him, if I have been in the shack over the last few weekends. Great fun. This weekend I worked him from a couple of summits in the Welsh borders. If you haven't looked at the program, do visit the website - do check out the Summit Activation videos!

Down here, we're a fair way from any mountains, so it seems unlikely that I'll be activating many myself!

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