Tuesday, January 09, 2007

PI7CIS on 70cms

For some reason, last night, it occurred to me to see if there was a PI7CIS beacon on 432MHz. It's pretty reliable copy on 144MHz, so I wondered whether it was worth listening on 432MHz.

Looked it up quickly in the beacon list and found an entry on 432.416. The antenna was beaming up that way owing to the winds and to my surprise I heard a carrier straight away. There was a fair amount of fading, but actually the copy was probably better than the 2m beacon. That might be down to having a bit more antenna gain on seventy than on two.

So the beacon's programmed into the rig memories now, to check when I am in the shack. There doesn't seem to be a 70cms equivalent of F5XAM which is my other really reliable continental beacon on 2m. I think I'll take a look though and see if any of the closer DL beacons are audible.

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