Saturday, October 28, 2006

CQ WW SSB Contest underway

Probably the biggest contest in the world takes place this weekend. In my youth, this was one of the major contests of the year for us and typically it meant driving down to visit South Wales and join the Red Dragon contest group, GW8GT for a real weekend of radio.

Sadly, GW8GT is no more, though I still get to South Wales to see Roger, GW5NF and his family who live on the farm where GW8GT was located.

My enthusiasm for phone contests has dwindled. Well, it's fine if you've a nice big station, but I have to say that operating phone in this contest with 100w and a vertical is just too much like hard work!

Still, I popped on for a few contacts this evening. To my surprise 10m was open (around 1830z) with some Europeans via Es and some South Americans. Same sort of deal on 15m with a few North Americans coming in - I was pleased to work KC1XX and particularly, John, VE3EJ. A few Carribean guys coming through too - so quite interesting.

Might take a look on 80m at sunrise tomorrow and see what's coming through - if I get up in time!

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