Sunday, August 13, 2006

Impressive 7MHz conditions

I don't normally operate that much HF from home during the summer months. There's so much else to do, that it doesn't really get a look in. Besides, I can't usually get too excited about the conditions which are pretty dull during the day.

I thought I'd get on and make a few QSOs during the Worked All Europe CW contest this weekend though. HF was fairly typical, but I enjoyed the few contacts I made. Around 1800z (ie about 3 hours before dark) I thought I'd see what was coming through on 40m, really expecting, I suppose, to hear some ZC4/5B4 stations.

To my surprise, there were some loud UA9 stations that I worked as well as a weaker UA0 and some hints of JA stations. A real showstopper of a signal was 4L8A who was huge! I tried a few calls without success, and actually, I didn't hear him work any other G stations, he seemed to be working mostly DLs. Good to hear the propagation though.

Perhaps when I get the car back, I'll put the 40m coil on the car!

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