Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back on VHF - and turning!

Back in April, I think it was, the rotator on the small VHF array on the house stopped turning. That was frustrating as it had only been up there a few weeks. I think the problem was due to the rotator overshooting the end stop or something like that.

Since we were about to get married, it didn't seem the time to get the rotator sorted out!

As I'm not at all great on ladders, it wasn't until this weekend that an opportunity to resolve the problem presented itself. Justin, G4TSH was staying with us for the weekend. I'd been able to get some rotator spare parts in the week. Justin kindly volunteered to go up the ladder - and we managed to fix the problem.

So, the little VHF array (5el for 144MHz, 9 el for 432MHz and vertical for 70MHz) is turning again. The beacons all seem to be doing what they should - GB3VHF on 144MHz is a huge signal, with PI7CIS up and down but consistent copy.

My enjoyment on 144MHz in particular, is to make CW tests with stations over a few 100s of kms to see how they work out. It's surprising how often they do!

Thanks, Justin, for your help today!

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