Sunday, July 02, 2006

VHF Field Day weekend

There was plenty to do here this weekend, and the VHF array is stuck beaming west, so there was never going to be a huge amount of activity from G4VXE in VHF NFD. Nevertheless, it is one of my favourite contests and an opportunity to make contacts on bands which would generally be deathly quiet.

I missed working any UK stations on 50MHz. I wanted to work G0FBB/P as my friend Justin, G4TSH was operating there. But the noise level was S7! The good news was that I managed to work some YU stations from the KN04 and KN05 locators, so quite happy with that. On 70MHz, I was pleased to work a couple of stations with the 5 or 6 watts to the vertical; G4RFR/P on the south coast near Poole and my friends at the Newbury Club, operating G5XV/P.

I had more ERP on 144 and 432MHz, though all beaming west! Despite that, there were a few interesting QSOs. MM0CPS/P was an outstanding signal on 144MHz - sounded like he had a big array and I was pleased to work him from IO84. I was also pleased to work GW8BGV/P (that's from memory...) over in IO72, which you don't hear much these days. I ended up working about 10 stations on 432MHz too - in some new locators. Off the back of the beam, I heard PA6NL - which I was impressed with.

Great contest - will be sending in a checklog.

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