Tuesday, July 04, 2006

GB5HQ needs YOU!

News from Dave Lawley, G4BUO...

To all UK contesters

The IARU Radiosport contest is less than five days away now, and theGB5HQ team has been working very hard to be ready to compete against themajor HQ stations. We need the help of as many contesters as possible tocome on and work us, phone on CW, on all six bands topband to 10m. Thecontest period is 1200z Saturday to 1200z Sunday and full rules are athttp://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2006/iaru.html

WRTC-2006 takes place at the same time in Brazil so there will also belots of 4-letter PR and PQ calls active. See www.wrtc2006.com

Contrary to what was suggested on here a while ago we are not saying"come on a work us but no-one else". We want you to come on and enjoy the contest, and make as many QSOs as possible but if you work our maincompetitors (DA0HQ, SN0HQ, R9HQ, TM0HQ) on more bands than you work GB5HQ, then you'll be helping them more than you'll be helping us.Because of skip, there will be times when other HQ stations are louder than ours, at least on the HF bands, but our 80m station should be a 'beacon' around most of the country so if you call them, they'll be able to give your our working frequencies on the other band/mode slots. All
the stations will be interconnected over the Internet using Starlogsoftware by G3WGV.

For info, here are the main locations of our stations around the country though we do have the ability to swap roles to some extent, and we have a backup station located in Anglesey who may take over if any of themain stations has a problem.
10m SSB Suffolk
10m CW Yorkshire
15m SSB Somerset
15m CW Kent
20m SSB Suffolk
20m CW Devon
40m SSB Stirling
40m CW Cornwall
80m SSB Buckinghamshire
80m CW Yorkshire
160m SSB Stirling
160m CW Guernsey

DA0HQ get a phenomenal level of support from German hams, and this is a large factor in their success in this contest. We have a chance ofwinning this contest for the UK, but to do it we need your support, so please work GB5HQ on as many band/mode combinations as possible, andencourage all your club members to do the same. Awards are available for working us on three or more slots, see www.gb5hq.com for moredetails and for pictures of the stations which comprise the RSGB HQ entry in the IARU contest.

Many thanks,Dave Lawley G4BUO

On behalf of the RSGB HQ station GB5HQ

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