Monday, July 24, 2006

5MHz 'Experiment' continues, but....

It has been announced that the 5MHz experiment that concludes at the end of July 2006 will continue until 30th June, 2010.

Existing NOV holders need to reapply - the form may be downloaded here

The operating notes on the RSGB's Spectrum Forum seem largely similar to the previous set. Still they expect people to swap SINPO reports - why do they persist in this folly! If the experiment is supposed to be scientific then use PC soundcards and take proper measurements - but SINPO - for heavens sake! How on earth is that better than RST reporting?

Many people who applied for NOVs in the previous batch didn't use them - not being impressed with the attempts to force quasi-military style operation on them, perhaps?

This is a shame, because 5MHz is a fascinating frequency to operate on, both for local (intra-UK) and DX working. As a Short Wave Listener, I heard many Tropical Band stations from Africa and Indonesia around these frequencies.

But the people who know how to make the best use of the band experimentally are unlikely to be the people to be attracted by the way that the 5MHz Experiment is framed.

In fairness to those that are managing the experiment, we have to be pragmatic and realise that the spectrum use has to be justified to the authorities - but I'm saddened that the opportunity to make the experiment more vibrant and interesting has not been taken.

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Alex said...

I didn't like the Quasi military operation and SINPO nonsense either. And your dead right Tim that's why I didn't re apply for a 5MHz NOV!


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